A Step From Kingdom Of Rhywen

Some Quite Unusual Dreams


Session 1, Hector and Rohan
Hector the Ranger awoke at the end of a long corridor of stone bricks.  A few traps in the stone bricks of the tunnel led to an (awfully unimaginative) stone wall first growing spikes then inching in a threatening manner towards him.  His normally agile limbs failing him in a manner most unfair, he found himself eventually in the bottom of a five foot pit trap with the spikey wall slowly encroaching on his limited personal space.  In a desperate but inspired act, he shut his eyes and tried as hard as he could to awaken from what could only have been an evil dream.  While he did not awaken, the world faded to black around him.

Meanwhile, Rohan the Barbarian also found himself awakening most rudely in an area in which he had not slept and without his possessions.  Despite the pitch-black surroundings, he proceeded blindly across the dirt floor and identified the cave quite accurately with the use of his forehead.  After stumbling back into his possessions he lit a torch and opened the door to the cave partially.  He wedged it open with his sword in case it closed after he left the room.  He then crawled cleverly under his sword and proceeded into the next room, finding a table and a pair of stools.  As he retrieved his sword, he heard footsteps behind him and found a stoic stone man in the chair opposite him at the table.  He naturally attempted vile murder of the statuesque humanoid after his attempts at conversation failed.  The combat resolved much as one would expect combat between a young barbarian and a stone golem to and Rohan eventually ceased his aggressions.  The golem offered Rohan instead a test of strength in the form of arm wrestling, which he handily mastered and proceeded bravely from the room.

Hector awoke again, not in a pit of spikes but instead in a comfy bed, made slightly less comfortable by the fact that his every limb was bound to it.  He turned away from the window he faced to survey the area of his capture and noticed a slight cloud gathering in the corners of the room.  His attention was immediately diverted from the local weather by a massive ogre sitting across from him, leering in typical "Ogre with a captive to torment" fashion.  The ogre presented Hector with a riddle to solve and using his wits and charms he was able to convince it to all but reveal the answer, "a kiss".  Despite a promising plan for a future of carnage and companionship, when the ogre demanded that the riddle be answered with a physical display, Hector obliged and the world again faded to black.

Rohan's carefree travels continued as he found himself awakening on his own personal cloud.  He suspended himself from the cloud on a rope to examine the runes on the bottom of the cloud.  Even his failures proved to be a success as he fell from the rope but managed to trigger one of the runes with his sword at the last minute as he fell.  Thus enchanted, he floated gracefully down to the roof of a fortress with a locked hatch in the roof and a conspicuous series of four levers which clearly operated the hatch.  He flipped two levers at random which just happened to open the door (Probability that event A and event B both occur, P(AnB):0.125).  Feeling quite confident in his own invincibility by this point, our plucky hero jumped immediately into the hatch and… fade to black.

Session 2, Dirk and Durzo
Dirk the Rogue awoke to find himself at the end of a corridor of stone bricks similar to the nefarious Hellscape that so recently undid Hector.  Dirk navigated the challenges at a leisurely pace, strolled serenely over the second darkened pit on a tightrope with assistance from another rope hanging nearby and popped the lock on the door at the end of the hallway with casual aplomb.  When confronted with a panel of mysterious darkness behind the door, he investigated, peeked through, and blacked out.

Durzo the Sorcerer too found himself in a bed not his own.  His initial assumption that his ex-lover, the mysterious Jess, was responsible was immediately contradicted by a voice from behind him.  On encountering the same Ogre to which Hector was previously introduced, he solved the riddle and applied his lips to the problem in a practical manner.  End scene, if you will.

Dirk found himself conscious again but this time standing behind a curtain backstage in a restaurant full of frog-people (obviously!).  The frog manager implored him to entertain the audience with a joke or two, as was their contract, but apparently failed his CHA check as Dirk had other ideas.  When the manager's back was turned, Dirk sprinted down the back hallway and out into a deserted alleyway in a city at night.  He climbed a nearby wall and was confronted with rising clouds of mist.  Finding himself trapped on the wall in a misty ocean he opened a nearby window from which gushed a torrent of the dreamy mist, sending his world to blackness yet again.

Meanwhile Durzo awakened on a quite congenial magical cloud.  He demonstrated his magical knowledge by immediately deciding to jump on the cloud like a child on a bed.  This activated the magical runes of featherfall underneath the cloud and he drifted gently down to the fortress below.  Finding five levers as opposed to the previous four (not that he would have known), he still managed to find the correct combination instantly and jumped blithely into the roof hatch.

All Together Now
Our heroes found themselves, by various means, in what appeared to be the central room of the fortress below the cloud.  Durzo and Rohan floated down from the general location of the trap door to see Dirk and Hector asleep next to the raised platform in the centre of the stone room.  Ignoring the orbs on the table for the moment, they awakened their new acquaintances.  

After investigating the room and its doors, they decided to begin touching the orbs. They noticed that their images appeared inside the insubstantial, floating orbs when activated.  Hector was also delighted to find that he was fully healed by the contact.  They found buttons near the doors and could not resist the pressing of them.  Halfway through their button-prodding adventures, the party decided to activate the final orb.  

Immediately after activating the final orb, they found themselves under attack!  Shadowy representations of themselves appeared through the doors at the sides of the room.  Thinking quickly, Durzo LIGHTBRINGER (!!!) conjured a 20-foot radius area of light, thoroughly inconveniencing the shadow caught therein.

The power of the shadows seemed to grow over time and to make matters worse, when the party accessed the healing powers of the orbs, it produced more shadows to fight.  They eventually triumphed and decided to capitalize on the healing power of the orbs by preparing an ambush and thoroughly punishing the resulting shadow opponent.

Their trial over, the party proceeded with their earlier adventures in button pushing.  When all four buttons were pressed and all orbs activated, their world faded to a familiar black.  They reappeared in a similarly sized room containing only a table filled with several quite strange items.  From among them they selected a dazzling red cape, a mysterious bag, a beautiful pearl and a delicate pair of glasses.  Their choices made, they awoke in their beds at Tomas Inn with their strange new items on their chests.

Dorford requires Defenders!

Dorford requires Defenders!

After losing his tribe to catastrophic events, Rohan the Barbarian wanders the land seeking solace through ale and deeds.  Hearing of Dorford's requirements, he wanders to town and takes up a room at the local inn.

Wandering the plains of his home tending to both man and beast, Hector Gaenddren the Folk Hero Ranger also hears of Dorford's plight.  There is no question of his choice after hearing of a potential population in need…

Dirk Swiftlark, despite a lifetime of attempts to make his fortune in the less reputable passtimes, has recently run into a spot of bad luck after a bounty hunt with "complications".  Dorford's rumoured turbulence tells his experienced mind that opportunity awaits.

Durzo Lightbringer, after being framed for the murder of his master in Rauch by an unknown source and hunted by the local assassin's guild, feels that a trip to Dorford might be just the thing for starting a newer, perhaps safer, life.

Our characters have all travelled to the bustling port city of Dorford to investigate these mysterious troubles and taken rooms in the local in owned by Tomas.


In-Between Times

Our Motley Crue (spelling intended, MC from here out) found themselves in a cave with a dead bear.  They were moderately exhausted from their trials and attempted a rest.  As they bed down for the night they hear a cry from the back of the cave.  Laphroiag proceeded to investigate…

And that was the last that was heard of the party.



What Has Gone Before
the obligatory recap

The following is an accounting of the adventures of Quoneiros, Otori and Laphroaig which give rise to our current state of affairs.

Chapter 1: A Step Too Far

A trio of unlikely companions have been tasked to find St Cuthbert follower Father Cuthwee to provide aid with his fleeing flock. This simple step out of the tavern may have proven to be a step too far…

Summary of Adventure

  • A fight starts in the [Blundering Captain] between a group of common folk and a Captain
  • Laphroaig is upstairs, the commotion has disrupted his sleep
  • Racial slurs between Human and Dwarf start - Quoneiros provides assistance in the brawl
  • A swift headbut to the hanging coin purses of the commoner lay him flat, a cheap but effective blow by Laphroaig
  • The fighting simmers and the guards take care of the rest of the rabble
  • Quoneiros and Laphroaig share a drink and talk of fights past
  • Meanwhile, Otori is visiting the town scribe for answers regarding a letter left by a dead friend
  • His visit is rudely interrupted by a rich nobel who demands his letters to be done asap
  • Otori is made to wait till the next day for his translation, he asks for a good tavern to lay rest for the night
  • The three meet at the [Blundering Captian], Quoneiros was in need of healing - Otori being of the Church of St Cuthbert offered to influence the Father to provide healing
  • The father was swayed and provided healing, he told of how his brother Father Cuthwee had some issues with his own followers and asked the crew to provide assistance
  • On the way, they were met with bandits and a fight broke out, at first there were two – then there were 6….
  • Laphroaig was mighty, yet he was unfortunately hit with too much bad luck and was left unconcious
  • Otori was experiencing some problems of his own, his magic was failing him – was there something more going on in the area?
  • With a turn of fate, 3 bandits were taken down – 3 left at large
  • Father Cuthwee was well met at the midnight hour, hearing of their tale – he provided shelter and healing
  • The trio rest for the night, prepared to discuss matters further with Father Cuthwee in the rise of the sun



The Second Stanza – Out of the Frying-Pan, Into the Magic Mushrooms

Our Motley Crue (spelling intended, MC from here out) find themselves in Cuthwee's ("Cathy? Cuthways?" the Dwarf ponders out loud) quaint church, the Dwarf has awoken from his severe arrow strike to head during the alley-way brawl. MC's friend the priest was kind enough to Kickstart Lephroaig's Heart, and got the team fighting fit to continue their quest to discover the nefarious reasonings behind the lack of attendance at Cuthwee's church.

Starting with a tip from Cuthwee, MC sets out in search of answers, and soon find themselves face to face with the peasantry of Dorford. Naturally they choose stumpy, the limp peasant to pry information from, and through the quick wits of Otori the charismatic outcast, MC manages to bribe our stumpy friend with a ration.

We hear whispers of wizards working the docks, getting more done for less coin, and how disheartening it is for stumps-mcgee and his kin. He also mentions that the natural progression of such outcomes is that many of the peasants are heading to Milton, and are no longer returning to attend Cuthwee's services.

MC perhaps begins to think Cuthwee is the cause, but Stmumpy is convinced he is a nice fellow.

MC also decides to talk to Craig, the drunken peasant, as MC are obviously very good judges of character. Using his good looks and intimate knowledge of drunken psychology, Quin takes him to the pub and buys him an ale in exchange for some information.

According to the well transcribed scribbles by Quin's puppet master, Cuthwee is apparently in with the dock workers, which is likely to be a thought by MC during this discussion, but they did discover that Craig's mates are bandits. Craig mentions that his mate Dave came around asking for help with some not so savoury lines of work.

MC returns to Cuthwee to let him know the quest continues in Milton, MC questions his integrity…

MC heads to the farmlands in the South / South-East, peasants till on land that they don't actually own.

Laph and Quin discuss that Cuthwee seems dirty, based on a religion roll they establish St. Cuthbit the religion is heavy on maintaining faith, there is no tolerance for leaving. So perhaps their concerns of Cuthwee are misguided.

MC continues South, and converse with the farming peasants. They find out people are unhappy with how Cuthwee let's merchants take taxes, and that there are whispers of a new religion in Milton, perhaps a new way to step in faith.

MC asks about the bandits, the farming fellow hasn't heard much of such things, but has heard of traders being attacked by what could be bears!

Heading through the forest for Milton, MC encounters 3 wolves. Fanfare plays and the party progresses to LVL2.

They make it to Milton as the day rolls onto eve, and find themselves approaching the Hooded Halfling, MC naturally notices the similarities between this imagery and that of a todger. Tired, hungry, and chasing ale, the team order meat, taters and stout.

Laph notices fellow fisher-folk, thanks to their well cut fingers. He goes to investigate. They mention carpenters, and that they sound like a cover for some other undertaking. A particularly relevant name arises, Andreas, and it sounds like he is a nature priest.

Somewhere here we speak to carpenters, particularly an apprentice who is willing to chat.

Andreas is apparently a great guy, everyone sings his praises. We discover he is a Druid and he sleeps in the forest.

MC stays at The Hooded Halfling (The Todger Inn), and in the morning they head to Fisherman's Square, where the boats have already headed out, so MC kind of just lingers chatting about Girls, Girls, Girls.

Mid-morning a tall man with cropped white hair enters the square. Otori notices necklace of a religion not well known to him, but it does remind him of Fey.

He has 2 fingers missing on his right hand, for unknown reasons, and there is a tint of dye on him somewhere, a sure sign he has recently dyed something.

During this time they spot a carpenter, it is the apprentice's master, MC speaks with him. The apprentice's master mentions The Devourer, and Otori points out that the cracked moon symbol around Andreas' neck is not that of The Devourer's.

Otori approaches Andreas with his dazzling charm / charisma (charmisma).

His discerns that Andreas is a follower of The Devourer, The Devourer is the end and the way to a new life… it all sounds very cultish, destroy cities and let nature reign.

The dwarf approaches Andreas and asks where he is from.

Andreas apparently suffered and lost a great deal, and became one with nature, and hence one with The Devourer.

Laph has started to piece some things together about a different Devourer that and symbol that he saw amidst former crew members. Andreas believes the symbol on his neck is that of The Devourer, but Laph knows it is not, it should be 5 crossed bones. MC starts to wonder if Andreas is a puppet…

They asks a guard where Andreas lives, it is all very unknown, but out in the woods in a certain direction. He suggests speaking with Ol' Gammy Boggs, The Herbalist…

MC finds Gammy, she mentions Gerald the Hunter, amidst a large conversation that is quite humorous.

Quin tracks the hunter using dog poo and poorly executed D20 rolls.

They find deers, tracks them to find the hunter tracking the deers we were tracking.

MC makes mates with Gerald and weave a web of super intellectual trickery, "We have a package!"

MC convinces Gerald to take them to Andreas' house.

There are strange rings of mushrooms, and things are getting a little out of the ordinary. Gerald sees a flash of light and goes to look behind a tree and vanishes! MC is kind of concerned, but they hear a wicked laugh and find themselves blinded by some sort of fairy magic.

Thankfully our smooth-tongued warlock performs some word smithing and convinces it to unblind us.

Quin is too smart and offers up his dragon-tooth from bigone days of narrative blabbery. It turns out to be a Dragon Fairy, and does not appreciate the gesture. It stole the tooth and disappeared in the same manner as Gerald.

MC discovers that the ring of mushrooms surrounds the tree, and by stepping inside the ring of mushrooms they find themselves in another dimension. MC finds Gerald, liberates him from mushroom town, Shout At The Devil of a fairy, and make it back to their own dimension, in a different spot, and it is nearly night fall.

MC sees a cave, and they see bear prints… they are really smart and decide to stay there anyway.

They encounter a bear, slay the bear, and everyone was exhausted.


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