A Step From Kingdom Of Rhywen

Some Quite Unusual Dreams


Session 1, Hector and Rohan
Hector the Ranger awoke at the end of a long corridor of stone bricks.  A few traps in the stone bricks of the tunnel led to an (awfully unimaginative) stone wall first growing spikes then inching in a threatening manner towards him.  His normally agile limbs failing him in a manner most unfair, he found himself eventually in the bottom of a five foot pit trap with the spikey wall slowly encroaching on his limited personal space.  In a desperate but inspired act, he shut his eyes and tried as hard as he could to awaken from what could only have been an evil dream.  While he did not awaken, the world faded to black around him.

Meanwhile, Rohan the Barbarian also found himself awakening most rudely in an area in which he had not slept and without his possessions.  Despite the pitch-black surroundings, he proceeded blindly across the dirt floor and identified the cave quite accurately with the use of his forehead.  After stumbling back into his possessions he lit a torch and opened the door to the cave partially.  He wedged it open with his sword in case it closed after he left the room.  He then crawled cleverly under his sword and proceeded into the next room, finding a table and a pair of stools.  As he retrieved his sword, he heard footsteps behind him and found a stoic stone man in the chair opposite him at the table.  He naturally attempted vile murder of the statuesque humanoid after his attempts at conversation failed.  The combat resolved much as one would expect combat between a young barbarian and a stone golem to and Rohan eventually ceased his aggressions.  The golem offered Rohan instead a test of strength in the form of arm wrestling, which he handily mastered and proceeded bravely from the room.

Hector awoke again, not in a pit of spikes but instead in a comfy bed, made slightly less comfortable by the fact that his every limb was bound to it.  He turned away from the window he faced to survey the area of his capture and noticed a slight cloud gathering in the corners of the room.  His attention was immediately diverted from the local weather by a massive ogre sitting across from him, leering in typical "Ogre with a captive to torment" fashion.  The ogre presented Hector with a riddle to solve and using his wits and charms he was able to convince it to all but reveal the answer, "a kiss".  Despite a promising plan for a future of carnage and companionship, when the ogre demanded that the riddle be answered with a physical display, Hector obliged and the world again faded to black.

Rohan's carefree travels continued as he found himself awakening on his own personal cloud.  He suspended himself from the cloud on a rope to examine the runes on the bottom of the cloud.  Even his failures proved to be a success as he fell from the rope but managed to trigger one of the runes with his sword at the last minute as he fell.  Thus enchanted, he floated gracefully down to the roof of a fortress with a locked hatch in the roof and a conspicuous series of four levers which clearly operated the hatch.  He flipped two levers at random which just happened to open the door (Probability that event A and event B both occur, P(AnB):0.125).  Feeling quite confident in his own invincibility by this point, our plucky hero jumped immediately into the hatch and… fade to black.

Session 2, Dirk and Durzo
Dirk the Rogue awoke to find himself at the end of a corridor of stone bricks similar to the nefarious Hellscape that so recently undid Hector.  Dirk navigated the challenges at a leisurely pace, strolled serenely over the second darkened pit on a tightrope with assistance from another rope hanging nearby and popped the lock on the door at the end of the hallway with casual aplomb.  When confronted with a panel of mysterious darkness behind the door, he investigated, peeked through, and blacked out.

Durzo the Sorcerer too found himself in a bed not his own.  His initial assumption that his ex-lover, the mysterious Jess, was responsible was immediately contradicted by a voice from behind him.  On encountering the same Ogre to which Hector was previously introduced, he solved the riddle and applied his lips to the problem in a practical manner.  End scene, if you will.

Dirk found himself conscious again but this time standing behind a curtain backstage in a restaurant full of frog-people (obviously!).  The frog manager implored him to entertain the audience with a joke or two, as was their contract, but apparently failed his CHA check as Dirk had other ideas.  When the manager's back was turned, Dirk sprinted down the back hallway and out into a deserted alleyway in a city at night.  He climbed a nearby wall and was confronted with rising clouds of mist.  Finding himself trapped on the wall in a misty ocean he opened a nearby window from which gushed a torrent of the dreamy mist, sending his world to blackness yet again.

Meanwhile Durzo awakened on a quite congenial magical cloud.  He demonstrated his magical knowledge by immediately deciding to jump on the cloud like a child on a bed.  This activated the magical runes of featherfall underneath the cloud and he drifted gently down to the fortress below.  Finding five levers as opposed to the previous four (not that he would have known), he still managed to find the correct combination instantly and jumped blithely into the roof hatch.

All Together Now
Our heroes found themselves, by various means, in what appeared to be the central room of the fortress below the cloud.  Durzo and Rohan floated down from the general location of the trap door to see Dirk and Hector asleep next to the raised platform in the centre of the stone room.  Ignoring the orbs on the table for the moment, they awakened their new acquaintances.  

After investigating the room and its doors, they decided to begin touching the orbs. They noticed that their images appeared inside the insubstantial, floating orbs when activated.  Hector was also delighted to find that he was fully healed by the contact.  They found buttons near the doors and could not resist the pressing of them.  Halfway through their button-prodding adventures, the party decided to activate the final orb.  

Immediately after activating the final orb, they found themselves under attack!  Shadowy representations of themselves appeared through the doors at the sides of the room.  Thinking quickly, Durzo LIGHTBRINGER (!!!) conjured a 20-foot radius area of light, thoroughly inconveniencing the shadow caught therein.

The power of the shadows seemed to grow over time and to make matters worse, when the party accessed the healing powers of the orbs, it produced more shadows to fight.  They eventually triumphed and decided to capitalize on the healing power of the orbs by preparing an ambush and thoroughly punishing the resulting shadow opponent.

Their trial over, the party proceeded with their earlier adventures in button pushing.  When all four buttons were pressed and all orbs activated, their world faded to a familiar black.  They reappeared in a similarly sized room containing only a table filled with several quite strange items.  From among them they selected a dazzling red cape, a mysterious bag, a beautiful pearl and a delicate pair of glasses.  Their choices made, they awoke in their beds at Tomas Inn with their strange new items on their chests.



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